- World Bank/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development data:
General website where all of the data below can be accessed: http://www.ebrd.com/pages/research/economics/data.shtml
The Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) examines the quality of the business environment (transition countries and a few comparators)
The Management, Organisation and Innovation (MOI) Survey measures and compares management practices in almost 1,800 manufacturing establishments in 10 transition countries. 
The Life in Transition Survey (2006 and 2010) assesses social, economic, and political preferences, as well as socio-economic background, and enquires about professional trajectories in 15 years of transition. 2010 wave contains data on exposure to financial crisis and includes a few Western European countries for comparison. 
The Banking Environment and Performance Survey (BEPS) contains data on the credit and deposit activities, risk management techniques and perceptions of the regulatory environment of 220 banks in EBRD's region of operation.
- Tajikistan: Individual Survey and Trust Game behavior (private data available upon request)
China: Agricultural households survey (2004) (covering topics such as agricultural productivity, tenure security) (private data available upon request)