• Institutional Quality, Culture, and Norms of Cooperation: Evidence from a Behavioral Field Experiment, Journal of Law and Economics, forth. (August 2014) with Alessandra Cassar and Giovanna d’Adda. Link to paper  Link to Appendix
  • A History of Violence: The Culture of Honor and Homicide in the US SouthJournal of the European Economic Association, forth. Link to paper  Link to Appendix
  • Initial Endowments and Economic Reform in 27 Post-Socialist Countries, Journal of Comparative Economics, forth. (May 2014), with Ariel BenYishay. Link coming soon!
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Recent Working Papers


Work in Progress

  • It's Raining Men! Hallelujah?, with Rose Khattar
  • Geographic Endowments Predict Inheritance Patterns: Evidence from Small-Scale Matrilineal and Patrilineal Societies, with Joe Vecci
  • Empowerment and CDD Performance: Experimental Evidence from the Solomon Islands", with Ariel BenYishay and Giovanna d'Adda
  • Corporate Gender Culture and Firm Performance, with Renee Adams and Ali Akyol
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