Working Papers and Work in Progress

  • Can Vouchers Reduce Elite Capture of Local Development Projects? Experimental Evidence from the Solomon Islands, with Andrew Beath, Ariel BenYishay, Giovanna d'Adda and Roberto Weber. R&R at Journal of Public Economics. Link to paper

      EGAP Policy Brief (19/5/2015)

  • Render Unto Caesar: Taxes, Charity, and Political Islam, with Gabriele Gratton and Maleke Fourati. Under review. Link to paper
  • Reproductive Opportunity Not Patriarchal Pressure Correlates with Female Sexualization, with Khandis Blake, Brock Bastian, Thomas F. Denson, and Robert C. Brooks. R&R at Nature (Human Behaviour).
  • Queens of the Desert: Sex Ratios and Attitudes to Gay Marriage, with Victoria Baranov, Ralph de Haas, and Clifton van der Linden

  • Corporate Gender Culture and Firm Performance, with Renee Adams and Ali Akyol.



  • It's Raining Men! Hallelujah? The Long-Run Consequences of Male-Biased Sex Ratios, with Rose Khattar. Accepted at the Review of Economic Studies.  Link to paper    Link to Appendix
  • The Persistent Effect of Sex Ratios on the Quality of Relationships”, with Rob Brooks. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, September 2017, Vol. 372 (1729)
  • The Fish is the Friend of Matriliny: Reef Density and Matrilineal inheritance, with Ariel BenYishay and Joseph Vecci. Journal of Development Economics. July 2017. Vol. 127: 234-249.  Link to paper
  • The Wild West is Wild: The Homicide Resource Cursewith Mathieu Couttenier and Marc Sangnier. Journal of the European Economic Association. June 2017, Vol 15(3). Link to paper
  • Institutional Quality, Culture, and Norms of Cooperation: Evidence from a Behavioral Field Experimentwith Alessandra Cassar and Giovanna d’Adda, Journal of Law and Economics. 2014. Vol. 57 (3): 821-863 Link to paper  Link to Appendix
  • A History of Violence: The Culture of Honor and Homicide in the US SouthJournal of the European Economic Association. 2014. Vol 12 (5): 1285-1316 Link to paper  Link to Appendix
  • Initial Endowments and Economic Reform in 27 Post-Socialist Countries, with Ariel BenYishay, Journal of Comparative Economics. 2014. Vol. 42 (4): 892-906 Link to paper
  • Legacies of Violence: Trust and Market Development, with Alessandra Cassar and Sam Whitt, Journal of Economic Growth. 2013, Vol. 18(3): 285-318 Link to paper
  • Learning, Political Attitudes and Crises: Lessons from Transition Countries, with Frantisek Ricka and Claudia Senik, Journal of Comparative Economics. 2013. Vol. 41(2): 490–505 Link to paper  (link to LITS data
  • The institutional legacy of the Ottoman Empire: Islamic rule and financial development in South Eastern EuropeJournal of Comparative Economics. 2011. Vol. 39:1-16 (lead article, Montias Prize for best paper published in the Journal of Comparative Economics in 2010&2011). Link to paper
  • Democracy, Market Liberalization and Political Preferences, with Claudia Senik, The Review of Economics and Statistics. 2011. Vol. 93(1): 365-381 Link to paper   
  • Land Tenure Arrangements and Rural Urban migration in China, with Andreas Kontoleon and Katrina Mullan, World Development. 2011. Vol. 39(1): 123-133 Link to paper
  • Maintenance Cost, Outside Options and Optimal Ownership of a Public ProjectThe B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. 2010. Vol. 10(1) Link to paper
  • Relaxing Rural Constraints: a Win-Win Policy for Poverty and Environment in China?, with Ben Groom, Andreas Kontoleon, Tim Swanson, and Shiqiu Zhang, Oxford Economic Papers. 2010. Vol. 62(1): 132-156 Link to paper
  • How Sustainable are Sustainable Development Programmes? The Case of the Sloping Land Conversion Program in China, with Andreas Kontoleon, World Development. 2009. Vol. 37(1): 268-285 Link to paper 


Book Chapters

  • On the Short and Long Run Effects of Male-Biased Sex Ratios: Evidence from Convict Transportation to Australia. In The Long Economic and Political Shadow of History, Vox CEPR E-book edited by Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou, Vol II. Link to chapter
  • Violence, InterpersonalEncyclopedia of Law and Economics, edited by Jürgen Backhaus, Springer. Forthcoming.
  • Violence, Civil War, with A. Cassar and S. Whitt. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, edited by Jürgen Backhaus, Springer. Forthcoming.
  • Social Preferences of Ex-Combatants: Survey and Experimental Evidence from Post-War Tajikistan, with Alessandra Cassar and Sam Whitt, in: The Economics of Conflict, edited by Karl Wärneryd MIT Press 2014. 
  • Assessing the Sustainability of the Sloping Land Conversion Program: a Choice Experiment Approach, with Andreas Kontoleon. In: Choice Experiments in Developing Countries: Implementation, Challenges and Policy Implications, edited by Jeff Bennett and Ekin Birol, Edward Elgar 2010


Other Work and Publications
  • “The Crisis from the Household Perspective”, with Ralph De Haas and Martin Brown. Chapter 2, 2011 EBRD Transition Report, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • “The Intangible Transition: Democracy and Market Support After the Crisis”, with Claudia Senik and Frantisek Ricka. Chapter 3, 2011 EBRD Transition Report
  • “Attitudes and Values in Transition”, with Gerard Roland. 2007 EBRD Transition Report
  • “Assessing the Impact of the Sloping Land Conversion Program on Local Community Welfare”, final report to the CCICED, 2005
Book Review
  • "Towards a Labour Market in China," by J. Knight and L. Song. The Economics of Transition, January 2006
Older Working Papers
  • Household Debt and Household Vulneraibility during the Great Recession, with Martin Brown and Ralph de Haas
  • The Determinants of Performance in Building Infrastructures in Transition Economies, with Gabriela Dobrescu, Guido Friebel, and Katrin Robeck. EBRD working paper No. 106, June 2008.
Research Grants and Awards
2016-2019: Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (AUD 592,000). "On the oirgins and persistence of gender: Combining evolutionary and economic approaches to study sex differences and cultural variation", with Rob Brooks (UNSW) and Paul Seabright (IAST, TSE).
2015: UNSW Business School Research Grant (AUD 22,855)"The roles of gender and economic inequalities in the post Arab Spring Islamic Revival: experimental and survey Evidence from Tunisia".
2015: Rising Star Award. Nominated as 1 of the 20 "research leaders " of UNSW.
2013: Australian School of Business Research Grant (AUD 24,000): "Beyond local development: the role of local institutions building in fostering trust and cooperation: evidence from the Solomon Islands"
2012: Research Achievement Award Australian School of Business
2012: Montias Prize for best paper published in the Journal of Comparative Economics in 2010&2011
2012: Australian School of Business Research Grant AUD 9,000 
2011: United States Department of State Title VIII Research Award (USD 20,000): “The co-evolution of trust and institutions: evidence from the Balkans"
2010 United States Department of State Title VIII Research Award (USD 18,750):“Violence and socio-economic preferences: an empirical investigation in Tajikistan and Kosovo"
2007-2009: Ciriacy-Wantrup Post Doctoral Fellowship in Natural Resources Economics and Political Economy - University of California, Berkeley
2004: Marie Curie Research Fellowship of the European Commission, for a nine months visiting position in the Department of Economics, University College London
2003: Doctoral Scholarship, French Government
1998: Four year scholarship for entry to Ecole Normale Supérieure