Working Papers and Work in Progress

  • Reproductive Opportunity Not Patriarchal Pressure Correlates with Female Sexualization, with Khandis Blake, Brock Bastian, Thomas F. Denson, and Robert C. Brooks. R&R at Nature (Human Behaviour). 
  • Render Unto Caesar: Taxes, Charity, and Political Islam, with Gabriele Gratton and Maleke Fourati. Under review. Link to paper
  • Can Vouchers Reduce Elite Capture of Local Development Projects? Experimental Evidence from the Solomon Islands, with Andrew Beath, Ariel BenYishay, Giovanna d'Adda and Roberto Weber. Under review. Link to paper

      EGAP Policy Brief (19/5/2015)

  • Corporate Gender Culture and Firm Performance, with Renee Adams and Ali Akyol.



  • The Fish is the Friend of Matriliny: Reef Density and Matrilineal inheritance, with Ariel BenYishay and Joseph Vecci. Journal of Development Economics. July 2017. Vol. 127: 234-249.  Link to paper
  • The Wild West is Wild: The Homicide Resource Cursewith Mathieu Couttenier and Marc Sangnier. Journal of the European Economic Association. June 2017, Vol 15(3). Link to paper
  • Institutional Quality, Culture, and Norms of Cooperation: Evidence from a Behavioral Field Experimentwith Alessandra Cassar and Giovanna d’Adda, Journal of Law and Economics. 2014. Vol. 57 (3): 821-863 Link to paper  Link to Appendix
  • A History of Violence: The Culture of Honor and Homicide in the US SouthJournal of the European Economic Association. 2014. Vol 12 (5): 1285-1316 Link to paper  Link to Appendix
  • Initial Endowments and Economic Reform in 27 Post-Socialist Countries, with Ariel BenYishay, Journal of Comparative Economics. 2014. Vol. 42 (4): 892-906 Link to paper
  • Legacies of Violence: Trust and Market Development, with Alessandra Cassar and Sam Whitt, Journal of Economic Growth. 2013, Vol. 18(3): 285-318 Link to paper
  • Learning, Political Attitudes and Crises: Lessons from Transition Countries, with Frantisek Ricka and Claudia Senik, Journal of Comparative Economics. 2013. Vol. 41(2): 490–505 Link to paper  (link to LITS data
  • The institutional legacy of the Ottoman Empire: Islamic rule and financial development in South Eastern EuropeJournal of Comparative Economics. 2011. Vol. 39:1-16 (lead article, Montias Prize for best paper published in the Journal of Comparative Economics in 2010&2011). Link to paper
  • Democracy, Market Liberalization and Political Preferences, with Claudia Senik, The Review of Economics and Statistics. 2011. Vol. 93(1): 365-381 Link to paper   
  • Land Tenure Arrangements and Rural Urban migration in China, with Andreas Kontoleon and Katrina Mullan, World Development. 2011. Vol. 39(1): 123-133 Link to paper
  • Maintenance Cost, Outside Options and Optimal Ownership of a Public ProjectThe B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. 2010. Vol. 10(1) Link to paper
  • Relaxing Rural Constraints: a Win-Win Policy for Poverty and Environment in China?, with Ben Groom, Andreas Kontoleon, Tim Swanson, and Shiqiu Zhang, Oxford Economic Papers. 2010. Vol. 62(1): 132-156 Link to paper
  • How Sustainable are Sustainable Development Programmes? The Case of the Sloping Land Conversion Program in China, with Andreas Kontoleon, World Development. 2009. Vol. 37(1): 268-285 Link to paper 


Book Chapters

  • On the Short and Long Run Effects of Male-Biased Sex Ratios: Evidence from Convict Transportation to Australia. In The Long Economic and Political Shadow of History, Vox CEPR E-book edited by Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou, Vol II. Link to chapter
  • Violence, InterpersonalEncyclopedia of Law and Economics, edited by Jürgen Backhaus, Springer. Forthcoming.
  • Violence, Civil War, with A. Cassar and S. Whitt. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, edited by Jürgen Backhaus, Springer. Forthcoming.
  • Social Preferences of Ex-Combatants: Survey and Experimental Evidence from Post-War Tajikistan, with Alessandra Cassar and Sam Whitt, in: The Economics of Conflict, edited by Karl Wärneryd MIT Press 2014. 
  • Assessing the Sustainability of the Sloping Land Conversion Program: a Choice Experiment Approach, with Andreas Kontoleon. In: Choice Experiments in Developing Countries: Implementation, Challenges and Policy Implications, edited by Jeff Bennett and Ekin Birol, Edward Elgar 2010


Other Work and Publications
  • “The Crisis from the Household Perspective”, with Ralph De Haas and Martin Brown. Chapter 2, 2011 EBRD Transition Report, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • “The Intangible Transition: Democracy and Market Support After the Crisis”, with Claudia Senik and Frantisek Ricka. Chapter 3, 2011 EBRD Transition Report
  • “Attitudes and Values in Transition”, with Gerard Roland. 2007 EBRD Transition Report
  • “Assessing the Impact of the Sloping Land Conversion Program on Local Community Welfare”, final report to the CCICED, 2005
Book Review
  • "Towards a Labour Market in China," by J. Knight and L. Song. The Economics of Transition, January 2006
Older Working Papers
  • Household Debt and Household Vulneraibility during the Great Recession, with Martin Brown and Ralph de Haas
  • The Determinants of Performance in Building Infrastructures in Transition Economies, with Gabriela Dobrescu, Guido Friebel, and Katrin Robeck. EBRD working paper No. 106, June 2008.
Research Grants and Awards
2016-2019: Australian Research Council Discovery Grant (AUD 592,000). "On the oirgins and persistence of gender: Combining evolutionary and economic approaches to study sex differences and cultural variation", with Rob Brooks (UNSW) and Paul Seabright (IAST, TSE).
2015: UNSW Business School Research Grant (AUD 22,855)"The roles of gender and economic inequalities in the post Arab Spring Islamic Revival: experimental and survey Evidence from Tunisia".
2015: Rising Star Award. Nominated as 1 of the 20 "research leaders " of UNSW.
2013: Australian School of Business Research Grant (AUD 24,000): "Beyond local development: the role of local institutions building in fostering trust and cooperation: evidence from the Solomon Islands"
2012: Research Achievement Award Australian School of Business
2012: Montias Prize for best paper published in the Journal of Comparative Economics in 2010&2011
2012: Australian School of Business Research Grant AUD 9,000 
2011: United States Department of State Title VIII Research Award (USD 20,000): “The co-evolution of trust and institutions: evidence from the Balkans"
2010 United States Department of State Title VIII Research Award (USD 18,750):“Violence and socio-economic preferences: an empirical investigation in Tajikistan and Kosovo"
2007-2009: Ciriacy-Wantrup Post Doctoral Fellowship in Natural Resources Economics and Political Economy - University of California, Berkeley
2004: Marie Curie Research Fellowship of the European Commission, for a nine months visiting position in the Department of Economics, University College London
2003: Doctoral Scholarship, French Government
1998: Four year scholarship for entry to Ecole Normale Supérieure